PaveDrain wins Imagine H2O International Competition

March 21, 2013
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Imagine H2O Names Winners of Consumer Innovations Prize

Annual Competition Recognizes World’s Most Promising Water Startups

SAN FRANCISCO, March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Imagine H2O, a global organization that spurs water solutions by advancing entrepreneurship and innovation, today announced the winners of its fourth annual business plan competition focused on Consumer Innovation. Awards were given to companies solving a range of critical water challenges, including leak prevention, stormwater drainage, landscaping water efficiency and bottom-of-the-pyramid water distribution.

The winners of Imagine H2O’s international competition, revealed at a gala event at the Autodesk Gallery, included Leak Defense Alert for the pre-revenue track, with Dlo Haiti and Innogation named runners up in the same category. PaveDrain won the competition’s early revenue track.”These companies provide solutions that will make a difference in an individual’s everyday water use,” said Gary Kremen, a Silicon Valley angel investor, water district official and Imagine H2O judge. “Once again, Imagine H2O has identified promising early-stage water startups and will offer the winners with a path-to-market opportunity.” Kremen is the first investor and board member at WaterSmart Software; a company identified by Imagine H2O’s inaugural competition in 2009. Imagine H2O has attracted leading innovators like Kremen, who founded and Clean Power Finance, to support the world’s need for water innovation.

Imagine H2O focused this year’s competition on Consumer Innovation as a way to catalyze and support entrepreneurial solutions related to a variety of water opportunities including point-of-use filtration, residential efficiency, onsite reuse and recycling, outdoor irrigation, monitoring and other residential or personal solutions. The consumer water innovations sector also represents a large opportunity to bottom-of-the-pyramid companies focusing solutions on issues in water quality and scarcity in developing countries. According to Scott Bryan, the Chief Operating Officer at Imagine H2O, “Consumer demand for products ensuring safety and improved efficiency will expand as water resources become more scarce. As a result, we are optimistic about the opportunity for promising entrepreneurs to deliver innovative products and services into the consumer market.”The competition’s winners will join Imagine H2O’s Accelerator Program where they will receive market insight, connections and business resources. “In the near future, we at Leak Defense Alert hope that every home will have our system, and we look forward to working with Imagine H2O to realize this dream,” stated Scott Pallais, the CEO of Leak Defense Alert.

Doug Buch, the founder of PaveDrain said, “We’re really excited by our product and believe that the Imagine H2O Accelerator Program will facilitate key connections to scale our business.”The winners were chosen from a competitive selection of finalists by Imagine H2O’s judging panel, a group of leading experts and investors in the water sector. The business plan competition’s winners were selected based on their commercial viability and promise. This year’s prize attracted over 70 startups from 12 countries led by serial entrepreneurs, experienced executives and graduate students. Several private foundations and corporate sponsors; including Headline Sponsor, Wells Fargo, support Imagine H2O’s competition and business accelerator.

About Imagine H2O
Imagine H2O inspires and empowers people to solve water challenges and turn them into opportunities. We offer annual business plan competitions for water innovation focused on critical water challenges including Water Efficiency (2009), the Water Energy Nexus (2010), Wastewater (2011) and Consumer Innovations (2012). In addition to cash prizes for the best ideas, Imagine H2O fosters an accelerator program to help competing entrepreneurs turn their plans into game-changing, real-world solutions. To learn more about Imagine H2O’s global ecosystem for water innovation and connect with water innovators from around the world, please visit

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PaveDrain Performance Pavement Solves Flooding Issues in Mount Rainier, Maryland

Mount Rainier, Maryland

The Town of Mount Rainier shares a common problem that plagues city managers and public works officials across the country . . . what to do with stormwater runoff.   Until that riddle is solved, flooding will continue to occur damaging properties and infrastructure.  Mount Rainier and the residents along 35th and 36th Streets had reached a tipping point.  Habitual, even predictable, extensive flooding of residential basements and backyards called for action.  After researching many options, City Manager Jeanelle Wallance and Assistant City Manager Michael Jackson chose the PaveDrain Performance Pavement system manufactured locally by Ernest Maier Block in Bladensburg, MD.

For the full Project Profile and great progress photos please follow this link –





EPA Official To Tour PaveDrain Manufacturing Facility

Source:  The Washington Post – The Local
Feb 3, 2012
By Associated Press

EPA official to tour Bladensburg manufacturer, promote

permeable paving material

BLADENSBURG, Md. — Nancy Stoner is the Environmental Protection Agency’s top
water official, but she’ll be talking about paving when she tours a Bladensburg

That’s because the factory owned by Ernest Maier Inc., produces permeable
paving stones that allow rain to soak through them and into the soil rather than
run off into storm drains. The EPA says that’s important because pavers that
allow rainwater to sink into the ground below, where it is filtered by the
ground, help to remove pollutants before they reach waterways.

And that’s important for Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts because while
pollution from other sources is being cut, urban and suburban storm water runoff
is a growing source of pollution.

Stoner plans to tour the Bladensburg factory on Monday.

PaveDrain Recommendation Letter from Bladensburg Installation

“The purpose of this letter is to provide you an update on the Pavedrain block pavement system that you installed at our municipal lot in Bladensburg. After 13 months, we have observed that your pavement system has required no vacuuming, needs less surface treatments during snow or ice events, and infiltrates 100% of the direct rainfall on it as well as all of the runoff from the roof of our building. We believe that your innovative system will assist in our effort to keep the Anacostia River clean for years to come.”

“We at the Town believe that Pavedrain is and will be an important component of our effort to “green” our community. If anyone has any questions about its performance, please have them contact me or Tim McNamara, the head of our Public Works Department.”

John Moss,
Town Administrator

View Full Pavedrain Letter of Recommendation

Virginia LID Competition for Stormwater

Let the games begin!  The Virginia Low Impact Design Competition is challenging development professionals to design cost-effective approaches to replicate pre-development hydrology on development sites.

The objective of the competition is to provide hands-on learning experience to teams of Virginia licensed and registered design and construction professionals on the methodologies of Low Impact Development that can be applied to their everyday practices.

The competition is funded by a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.   $15,000 will be given for first place in each category.  The deadline for submitting entries is February 17, 2012.

The design challenge will take place over a 6 month period, November 2011 through April 2012.  Three real-world projects have been chosen in The Commonwealth for professional design teams to tackle:
–   Suburban Mixed Use
–   Urban Re-Development
–   Green Roadway

Each entry must come from an integrated design team consisting of of minimum of three design professionals including at least one Civil Engineer, and one Landscape Architect.

For more information including registration and contacts, please go to the website:

Good luck to all participants!