Letter from the City of Mount Rainier

Dear Brendan,

We wanted to tell you that the City of Mount Rainier is delighted with the PaveDrain system that you installed at our new municipal lot and an alley adjacent to the lot. We had issues with “stormwater runoff” and the Pavedrain has done a tremendous job of reducing runoff. Although it has only been in place for two months, it has retained all of the rainfall on it and also retains the runoff from adjoining properties.

We like the system so much that we just completed a grant application to have an additional 50,000 square feet of intersections and alleys done in Pavedrain. We look forward to doing more business with your company and its products in the near future.

Mike Jackson, Assistant City Manager

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PaveDrain Performance Pavement Solves Flooding Issues in Mount Rainier, Maryland

Mount Rainier, Maryland

The Town of Mount Rainier shares a common problem that plagues city managers and public works officials across the country . . . what to do with stormwater runoff.   Until that riddle is solved, flooding will continue to occur damaging properties and infrastructure.  Mount Rainier and the residents along 35th and 36th Streets had reached a tipping point.  Habitual, even predictable, extensive flooding of residential basements and backyards called for action.  After researching many options, City Manager Jeanelle Wallance and Assistant City Manager Michael Jackson chose the PaveDrain Performance Pavement system manufactured locally by Ernest Maier Block in Bladensburg, MD.

For the full Project Profile and great progress photos please follow this link – http://www.emcoblock.com/products/site-solutions/project-profiles/