EPA Official To Tour PaveDrain Manufacturing Facility

Source:  The Washington Post – The Local
Feb 3, 2012
By Associated Press

EPA official to tour Bladensburg manufacturer, promote

permeable paving material

BLADENSBURG, Md. — Nancy Stoner is the Environmental Protection Agency’s top
water official, but she’ll be talking about paving when she tours a Bladensburg

That’s because the factory owned by Ernest Maier Inc., produces permeable
paving stones that allow rain to soak through them and into the soil rather than
run off into storm drains. The EPA says that’s important because pavers that
allow rainwater to sink into the ground below, where it is filtered by the
ground, help to remove pollutants before they reach waterways.

And that’s important for Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts because while
pollution from other sources is being cut, urban and suburban storm water runoff
is a growing source of pollution.

Stoner plans to tour the Bladensburg factory on Monday.

PaveDrain Recommendation Letter from Bladensburg Installation

“The purpose of this letter is to provide you an update on the Pavedrain block pavement system that you installed at our municipal lot in Bladensburg. After 13 months, we have observed that your pavement system has required no vacuuming, needs less surface treatments during snow or ice events, and infiltrates 100% of the direct rainfall on it as well as all of the runoff from the roof of our building. We believe that your innovative system will assist in our effort to keep the Anacostia River clean for years to come.”

“We at the Town believe that Pavedrain is and will be an important component of our effort to “green” our community. If anyone has any questions about its performance, please have them contact me or Tim McNamara, the head of our Public Works Department.”

John Moss,
Town Administrator

View Full Pavedrain Letter of Recommendation